All state institutions including NAB should be allowed to work within their constitutional limits: Dr Khalid Ranjha


Lahore (March 10, 2016) Pakistan Muslim League (PML) leader, prominent lawyer and former Federal Law Minister Dr Khalid Ranjha has said that all State institutions including NAB be allowed to work within their constitutional limits, it is essential for strengthening of democratic system and development and prosperity of the country that the institutions should tolerate each other, there are many lacunas in NAB law which are essential to be removed.

He said this while addressing a seminar held under the auspices of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) which was also be representatives of different political parties here today.

Dr Khalid Ranjha said that NAB Chairman himself should have been present in this seminar. He said till such time rules are not framed complaints against this institutions cannot be eradicated, it is not wise to set up institution over the institution, improvement can be effected through reform. He said NAB should also open its mind and move towards betterment.

He emphatically said that we are committing corruption by setting up different courts, no service is being rendered to justice by this way, why all cases are not heard in ordinary court?, has Session Court less power as compared to the NAB Court?.

Putting forth suggestions for restoration of trust and confidence in NAB and betterment of the institutions, he said that the bail of the accused be allowed, investigation be completed within fixed time, and investigation capability be better whereas NAB cases also be heard in ordinary courts. He further said that that NAB autonomy should be maintained as an institution, implementation of the these suggestions will not only increase importance of the institution and human rights be upheld but also help in removing lacunas. #

Photo PML 01 {Mar10-16}