Ch Parvez Elahi reopened closed schools of the poor, they are closing down running school, PML

Shehbaz Sharif should give mental tension to teachers, should set his policies right

Delegation headed by Mian Munir and Amna Ulfat expresses solidarity in the sit-in


Lahore (May 15, 2016) Pakistan Muslim League (PML) has fully supported protesting teachers and said that due to defective educational policies of Shehbaz Sharif not only the teachers but also poor students are suffering from mention torture, they are closing down running schools whereas Ch Parvez Elahi had reopened closed govt schools during his govt in Punjab, established new schools, upgraded educational institutions and provided maximum possible facilities and incentives to the teachers and students.

These views were expressed by PML delegation headed by Organizer PML Lahore and former MNA Mian Muhammad Munir and Organizer Women Wing PML Lahore and former MPA Amna Ulfat and including leaders of different wings of PML while showing solidarity with protesting men and women teachers staging sit-in here.

Mian Munir and Amna Ulfat said that teachers protest against system of distribution of the schools of the poor among the favoured ones and giving these on contract, the teachers should address and set right their defective policies.

They said that Shehbaz Sharif has closed down thousands of schools, he should instead of snatching away schools from the children provided maximum better facilities there and establish new schools.

They said that forcing our mothers, sisters with their children and respected teachers to protest in this scorching heat and hot weather is very much deplorable and result of in-apathy and adamant attitude of the govt, They said further that Shehbaz Sharif govt should pay attention to its inefficiency instead of targeting the worthy teachers and make better policies for better education. #

Photo CSH 01 {May15-16}