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All opposition parties should support Imran Khan for saving Pakistan and the army, Ch Parvez Elahi

Ch Shujat Hussain elected PML President for four years, large number General Council members from our country participate enthusiastically

It is matter of thinking that the rulers speak Modi and other enemies of Pakistan language, govt did not Panama case has now somewhere else

Balochistan has always upheld flag of Pakistan and Muslim League, glowing tributes paid to party’s active workers, leaders, wings particularly lawyers

Islamabad/Lahore: 21-10-2016: Ch Shujat Hussain has been Party President for four years by Pakistan Muslim League General Council.

Besides four provinces, General Council members from FATA and foreign countries fully and enthusiastically participated in the meeting held in Islamabad.

Addressing the meeting afterwards, newly-elected Pakistan Muslim League (PML) Punjab President, senior central leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Ch Parvez Elahi said that to save Pakistan and the army from present rulers all opposition parties should support Imran Khan, it is a matter of thinking that our rulers speak the language of enemy of Pakistan, Kashmiris and the army Modi and other enemies of our motherland, the government did wrong by not accepting ToR of the opposition and now Panama Leaks case has gone somewhere else.

Expressing gratitude to the General Council members, he said that Balochistan has always held flag of Pakistan and Muslim League. He paid glowing tributes by naming active workers, leaders, wings particularly lawyers for their services to the party.

Ch Parvez Elahi said that Imran Khan presently playing a very important role, no invitation is needed for saving Pakistan, invitation is given at waleema, Imran Khan is not talking for his person but like us for safeguarding Pakistan and its institutions, opposition parties and Imran Khan together should save the nation and poor from N-League oppression.

He said Balochistan is very dear to us, Pakistan Muslim League is popular party of all four provinces, whether it is Panama Leaks or any other national issue our party has always played positive and opposed the government openly, it is matter of great regret that N-League is getting published false news against own army. He said even the Supreme Court has now said there is no democracy but monarchy in the country, elder brother talks about construction of hospitals and younger brother talks about leasing out hospitals on contract, education is not spread merely through distribution of lap tops, by closing ten thousand schools in the Punjab the government has even snatched the right of education from children of poor people Orange Train, jangla bus are dollars making projects, younger brother says prove his corruption the world changes while proving his corruption, they will not escape the grip of Almighty Allah, people still remember Model Town tragedy even today. He greatly appreciated the meritorious services for the party of elderly politician and former Federal Minister Anwar Ali Cheema.

On this occasion, Senator Kamil Ali Agha, Muhammad Basharat Raja, Ch Zaheeruddin, Naseer Mengal, Sardar Abdul Razzaq, Dr Raj Shaheen, Mian Imran Masood, Syed Mahmud Hashmi, Dr Azeemuddin Lakhvi, Imtiaz Ranjha and Ghulam Mustafa Malik presented resolutions. Under these resolutions, Ch Shujat Hussain was conferred with all powers of the Executive Committee under Article 52 of the constitution, Indian atrocities and oppression on the Kashmiri people, Indian violation ofLine of Control, and N-League media cell getting published stories against the army and not accepting opposition ToRs on Panama Leaks were strongly condemned. Furthermore, resolutions were also passed in support of miserable living conditions of farmers, abolishing agriculture tax and stopping trade with India.

The meeting was also attended by newly-elected Muslim League Presidents and General Secretaries from all four provinces, Azad Kashmir and FATA. Dr Khalid Ranjha filed nomination papers of Ch Shujat Hussain, Senator Kamil Ali Agha acted as Chairman Election Commission while Election Committee included Mrs Farrukh Khan, Naseer Khan Mengal, Zafar Bakhatarvi and Syed Mahmood Hashmi.

Meeting was also addressed by Senator Waseem Sajjad, Senator S. M. Zafar, Ajmal Khan Wazir, Jaffer Khan Mendokhel, Abdul Quddus Bizenjo, Tariq Hassan, Dr Khalid Ranjha, Ch Zaheeruddin, Mohammad Basharat Raja, Intekhab Khan Chamakni, Farrukh Khan and Meer Abdul Karim. Ch Parvez Elahi on arrival was warmly welcomed by chanting slogans and clapping. It was unanimously agreed in the meeting to elect the Party President for four years instead of three years. Major (R) Tahir Sadiq, Aamir Sultan Cheema, Hafiz Ammar Yasir, Tariq Aziz, Mian Munir, Nasir Duggal, Mian Shehzad Tufail and Makhdoom Babar were also present in the meeting. #


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