PML flags appear to the rulers as Kalashnikovs: Ch Zaheeruddin

Claim of apprehending truck quite ridiculous, party flags and sticks are being sent by party leaders from different districts to Islamabad

Lahore (October 30, 2016) Pakistan Muslim League (PML) Punjab General Secretary Ch Zaheeruddin has said that even Pakistan Muslim League flags and sticks under the party flags appear to the rulers as Kalashnikovs and guns.

He said the claim being made about truck being apprehended in Islamabad is quite ridiculous, in fact these are party flags which are being sent by leaders and office-bearers of different districts to Islamabad office for workers participating in the sit-in.

He said that N-League which were being waived in Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s public meeting in Kasur yesterday without sticks that they are objecting to our party flags and sticks attached below these flags. He said twisting the facts is quite deplorable and nothing will be gained through such tactics. #