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Hospitals lacking basic health facilities ask reason for their deprivation from Khadam-e-A’ala: Dr Zain Ali

Shortage of ventilators, medicines, beds in hospitals, shortage of healthcare facilities be removed at the earliest, White Paper

Lahore (February 21, 2017) Pakistan Muslim League (PML) Punjab spokesman Dr Zain Ali while talking to the media at Muslim League House here today (Tuesday) has said that we condemn Charsadda incident and pay tributes to the security institutions who averted a major tragedy through their timely action, Punjab is deprived of basic facilities, Khadam-e-A’ala has no care for life and property of the people, every sector in Punjab is crying about its deprivation, Children Hospital Multan and Cardiology Hospital extension was started during Ch Parvez Elahi tenure and still not completed.

He said that 115 women died due to lack of facilities in the Children Hospital 11 to 15 thousand children, whose age is between 4 to 6 years, are registered as heart patients but they are not being given time for surgery, presently there are 34 lakhs TB patients and 70 lakhs Hepatitis patients whose number is increasing by five lakhs every year, there are 2450 healthcare centers, more than 50 per cent centers have no ventilators nor there are doctors, CT Scan and MRI machines are not there and Khadam-e-A’ala is claiming all is well in health sector, patients are breathing their last at the floors of hospitals, in one crore population of Gujranwala more than four thousand persons have died due to heart ailments, people need good quality medicines and health facilities whereas Khadam-e-A’ala is running metro train, all is well to the extent of newspapers tv advertisements but practically performance of Punjab government is zero, they should come up with just one institution like 1122. #

Photo PML 01 {Feb-21-17}


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