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Nawaz Sharif even wanted to send Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah to jail, NA Speaker Gohar Ayub is witness to this: Ch Shujat Hussain

Sent me and then Law Minister Khalid Anwar to the Chief Justice so that he should not address press conference who showed us recording device in his bedroom

After Supreme Court got Bahawalpur High Court Bench attacked for not giving verdict of Nawaz Sharif liking, prior to Nehal Hashmi, MNAs Tariq Aziz, Mian Munir, Samiullah Afzal Gill were made scapegoats

Lahore: 05-06-2017: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President and former Prime Minister Ch Shujat Hussain has said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wanted to send former Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah to jail even this be for one night, his bedroom phones were tapped and the then Law Minister and prominent lawyer Khalid Anwar advocate is also witness to this.

Ch Shujat Hussain in his press conference at his residence here today (Monday) while replying to a question about sacrifice of the rulers said that this will happen even before Eidul Fitr.

He said after the treatment meted out to him Saudi Arabia, Nawaz Sharif should have resigned, if he was given time for speech in the conference then he at least could address a press conference in his hotel room, he was not stopped by Shah Suleiman or President Trump from doing this.

Ch Shujat Hussain said that Sharif family particularly two brothers Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif have always been mentally working against the courts which also included immoral activities as well ” example of which I had given about recording of bedroom phones tapping and personal conversation of former Chief Justice of Pakistan Sajjad Ali Shah which is an immoral act in all respects”.

He said that Nawaz Sharif had got worried on receiving the information that Justice Sajjad Ali Shah has come to know about his bedrooms telephones being tapped and after collecting proof he is now going to address a press conference, on his asking “myself and Khalid Anwar advocate went to the residence of Sajjad Ali Shah to pacify him, he agreed but he showed us recording device placed under the side table of his bed”.

He said that the biggest witness to what he is saying is Khalid Anwar advocate who is a highly dependable and respectable personality. He said further “I challenge even if one credible lawyer out of more than one lakh lawyers of the country says that no such incident had taken place in presence of Khalid Anwar, then I will accept my mistake and every punishment, what easy proof then this I can present”.

He said on increasing tension in many matters between Nawaz Sharif and Supreme Court, Nawaz Sharif got Supreme Court attacked through Shehbaz Sharif, which was laughing stock all over the world and even today that is considered to be the blackest day of the history of Pakistan, “I myself had heard the announcements on Constitution Avenue about serving of meals to the attackers in the Punjab House and tradition of making party-men as the scapegoats was also initiated then which has come to the fore in form on Nehal Hashmi today, then MNAs Mian Munir and Tariq Aziz were made the scapegoats”.

Ch Shujat Hussain said that Nawaz Sharif asked the then Speaker National Assembly Gohar Ayub Khan to suggest some way that the Chief Justice be summoned before the Privileges Committee of the Parliament and admonished. Some close people of the prime minister endorsed his this decision but Gohar Ayub Khan said that under the rules and regulations the Committee do not have power to take such a big step and warned there could be strong reaction to this, do not commit such mistake, after this the prime minister asked Gohar Ayub to accompany him to the Prime Minister House, “on the way as stated by Gohar Ayub, Nawaz Sharif put his hand on his knee and asked find a way out that the Chief Justice is sent to jail even this be for one night only “, on this National Assembly Speaker said for God’s sake do not think such things which will bring the entire system to the ground but Nawaz Sharif remained adamant and got Supreme Court attacked.

Ch Shujat Hussain said that likewise in 1997 got Bahawalpur Bench of High Court attacked saying that Justice Bokhari had not given verdict of Nawaz Sharif’s liking, his court should be attacked and he should be humiliated on this the High Court had convicted MPAs Afzal Gill and Samiullah and disqualified then for five years.

In reply to a question about Hussain Nawaz being in jails, Ch Shujat Hussain asked which jail he has been in, know nothing about when he had started walking but rest is known to all of us, when he sits in Mercedes still he says it is very difficult.

In response to another question, he said Imran Khan has a big hand in bringing the rulers in such condition, then is of Sirajul Haq, Sheikh Rashid and media. On a question about recent photograph of Hussain Nawaz, he said what is there in it that he has been oppressed, he is seated on a chair and what else is there on the side table besides letter pad and pen. #

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