All opposition parties should take decisions by sitting together: Ch Shujat Hussain

Principles are essential in politics also, concrete reasons should be brought forward for changing the opposition leader in National Assembly, talk with media

Lahore: 27-09-2017: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President and former Prime Minister Ch Shujat Hussain has said that all opposition parties should take unanimous decisions I unison, principles are essential also in politics, though PML has lesser representation in the parliament presently because it was defeated under a conspiracy but this is the same party which had remained in power with two-third party and it has importance in the politics.

He said this while responding to the questions from the media regarding efforts for changing the opposition leader in the National Assembly.

Ch Shujat Hussain further said that this decision has also to be taken by the parliament, besides PTI’s Shah Mahmud Qureshi contact has been established with him from Peoples Party, if PTI wants to change the opposition leader in the National Assembly then it will have to come forward with concrete reasons but consultation is also necessary prior to decisions, whatever decision is to be taken it should be done by sitting together through consultation.

He said earlier Sheikh Rasheed’s name had surfaced, we were also his supporters and still are but even Sheikh Rasheed’s nomination was done without consultation whereas Jamat-e-Islami was also of the view that announcement of nomination of Sheikh Rasheed should have been done through consultation.

Ch Shujat Hussain further said that there is either the government or the opposition in the House, it is essential for the opposition to unite and take decisions by sitting together. #