Rana Sanaullah’s attempt to prove Qadianis as Muslims amounts to treason against Constitution

Heinous motives behind inexcusable statement be brought to fore, PML resolution in Punjab Assembly under leadership of parliamentary leader Moonis Elahi

Lahore (October 12, 2017) In a resolution submitted in the Punjab Assembly by Pakistan Muslim League (PML) parliamentary leader Moonis Elahi by all party members, it has be stated Rana Sanaullah’s attempt to prove Qadianis as Muslims amounts to treason against the Constitution.

According to the proposed resolution, it has been stated that this House of the Provincial Assembly expresses grave concern about recent talk on a news channel about Qadianis by Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah which has greatly hurt the sentiments of entire Muslim Ummah, this inexcusable statement of Rana Sanaullah would have not only shaken the heavens but also hurt the heart of Holy Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) without whom we are nothing, our honour is because of the Holy Prophet (ﷺ), whosoever respects the Holy Prophet from his heart is ours, in the defence of Khatm-e-Nubawwat 1200 Sahaba (Radi Allahu Anhum) had laid down their lives in Yamama battle, Qadianis were declared non-Muslims in 1974 constitutionally, in 1984 through a presidential ordinance Qadianis were bounded not to use Islamic teachings whereas in his talk Rana Sanaullah has committed inexcusable heinous crime of treason against the Constitution of Pakistan to prove them as Muslims, in view of this the House demands that the government should immediately call an explanation from Rana Sanaullah as to how he is declaring deviators from the Khatm-e-Nubawwat as Muslims and what are the heinous motives behind his this statement.

Resolution has been submitted by Moonis Elahi, Aamir Sultan Cheema, Ahmad Shah Khagga, Dr Muhammad Afzal, Vickas Hassan Moakal, Sardar Asif Nakai, Basima Chaudhry and Khadeeja Omar. #