Worst violence on the Holy Prophet (ﷺ) lovers aim at saving Nawaz Sharif, Ch Shujat Hussain: Parvez Elahi

How those delivering speeches against verdict of Supreme Court talk about court judgment

Government’s own set up Raja Zafarul Haq Committee report is not being made public so that names of real responsible for change in the declaration of oath on the finality of the Prophet-hood, Nawaz Sharif and federal ministers do not come to the fore.

Lahore: 25-11-2017: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President and former Prime Minister and senior central leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Ch Parvez Elahi have said that worst violence on the lovers of the Holy Prophet (ﷺ) aim at saving Nawaz Sharif, the government’s own set up Raja Zafarul Haq Committee report is not being made public so that names of really responsible for change in the declaration of oath on the finality of the Prophet-hood (ﷺ) do not come to the fore.

Talking to the media, they said that to switch off TV channels and imposing bans on the media is not the solution of the problem, matters will worsen further by hiding the facts, in order to still control the situation the only solution is to make public Raja Zafarul Haq Committee report.

Responding to different questions, Ch Shujat Hussain said that the prime minister should himself negotiations with the ulema, present situation should be controlled seriously, the prime minister instead of going to Lahore to seek more instructions from Nawaz Sharif should have himself gone to Faizabad sit-in and talked, the rulers should not make it a matter of ego, riots are spreading throughout the country, solution of every issue can be found through talks.

Ch Shujat Hussain in reply to a question said that how those making speeches against verdict of Supreme Court and attacking learning judges remind others about the court judgment and advising them to implement it.

Ch Shujat Hussain said “If I were the prime minister then the operation would not have started and I myself should have gone there and talked to them, when Supreme Court was attacked I had done like this”.

On another question, he said that Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is sitting with Nawaz Sharif in Lahore and taking advice from him as the Deputy Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif is destroying himself but he should not destroy the country.

Ch Parvez Elahi said this is issue of every Muslim, they should not have done like this on which every Muslim is grieved, what things are final about the Holy Prophet (ﷺ) what was the need to touch these but Nawaz Sharif and Rana Sanaullah want to seek pleasure of Qadianis in Britain and abroad.

He said all this has been done at the instance of Nawaz Sharif otherwise what is the status of the Law Minister that he do all this himself, no leaf even can move in the parliament without the wish of Nawaz Sharif then how legislation can be done, if Nawaz Sharif wanted to qualify himself then all saw how all had gone and seated in the assembly, who asked Zahid Hamid and other minister to do all this?, Nawaz Sharif is behind all this, protests have stated throughout Lahore and other parts of the country, now this will increase and not stop, it is better if the real culprit is brought to the fore, the rulers by closing all channels did bad thing, such a step is unprecedented previously, blocking channels telecasts situation do not reach the people and this leads to misgivings. #