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Neglect of farmers’ grievances root cause of economic ills: Moonis Elahi

Pakistan’s agriculture sacrificed for Metro Bus & Orange Line politics

Modi-Nawaz nexus greatest threat to our food & water security

PMLN insincerity main reason for farmers’ package failure

Lahore (December 19, 2017) PMLN’s criminal neglect of farmers’ grievances is the root cause of Pakistan’s economic ills. Pakistan’s most vital agriculture sector has been sacrificed for Metro Bus & Orange Line Politics. PMLN’s so-called farmers’ relief package has miserably failed due to lack of good Intent. Modi-Nawaz Nexus has greatly harmed Pakistan’s short &long term food & water security interests. Moonis Elahi, central leader of Pakistan Muslim League, expressed these views at a party meeting held in Lahore yesterday.

Responding to the recently released report of the International Food Policy Research Institute where Pakistan has been ranked 106 out of 119 countries on Global Hunger Index, 2017, Moonis Elahi said that Pakistan was an agricultural country & its current abysmal GHI ranking was because PMLN had sacrificed the country’s largest economic sector at the altar of Metro Bus and Orange Line politics.

Lashing out at the PMLN’s much touted farmers’ package, the central PML leader blamed PMLN’s lack of sincerity & good intentions for its miserable failure. He blamed that current Rupee freefall, highest ever trade & fiscal deficits, sky-rocketing unemployment & poverty rates were also consequences of PMLN’s worst economic policies where agriculture was deliberately marginalized. Dubbing Nawaz-Modi Nexus as a conspiracy against the nation’s farmers, Moonis Elahi said that PMLN had never raised objections at construction of Indian dams on Pakistan rivers & Nawaz Sharif’s pro-India policies had favored Indian farmers rather than Pakistan’s. He warned that PMLN policies posed a great threat to Pakistan’s current and future food & water security interests. #

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