Moonis Elahi lauds SC approval of Online Voting Rights to Overseas Pakistanis

PML-N conspired to deny over 7 million Pakistanis their genuine democratic right

Ch Zahoor Elahi founded the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation to protect expats’ rights

PML Europe Facebook page will become the voice of Pakistanis in Europe

Moonis Elahi, Central Leader Pakistan Muslim League

Lahore (January 25, 2018) The Supreme Court go-ahead to NADRA for development of a I-voting system for overseas Pakistanis before the next general elections adds a new chapter in Pakistan’s democratic history. PML-N conspiracy to deny the right of franchise to over 7 million Pakistanis in cohorts with the ECP is foiled by this historic SC verdict. Chaudhry Zahoor Elahi founded the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation to protect expats’ rights. PML has always fought for the rights of Pakistanis living in the Middle East, UK, Europe, USA, Australia & other countries.

Moonis Elahi Central Leader Pakistan Muslim League made these comments in a telephonic conversation with the President of the PML Austrian Chapter and the PML Social Media Coordinator in Europe Smera Rahman. He said that cumulatively overseas Pakistanis contributed a huge share to the national GDP through remittances and by giving them the right of franchise we could now expect them to play an even greater role in the economic & social development of Pakistan. Moonis Elahi emphasized the need for developing a new vision which could optimally manage & optimize the immense potential of Pakistanis residing abroad. He claimed that the PML was the real representative of the Pakistani Diaspora as its leadership had always fought for overseas Pakistanis’ rights. He reminded the President PML Austrian Chapter of the huge steps his family had taken in the past for the welfare of overseas Pakistanis & their families including establishment of the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation by his grandfather Chaudhry Zahoor Elahi, free PIA transportation of coffins of deceased overseas Pakistanis by his uncle Chaudhry Shujat Hussain as Pakistan PM & a host of revolutionary steps taken by his father Chaudhry Parvez Elahi as the Punjab CM.

Moonis Elahi asked Smera Rehman to convey his profound congratulations to all the PML supporters in Europe on the launch of the PML Facebook page for Europe & hoped that the PML page would become the voice of Pakistanis living in Europe. He informed her that the PML Facebook pages for the PML supporters residing in the UK, USA, Australia, Middle East & Saudi Arabia were also being launched shortly. #