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Best solution of Kashmir issue is implementation of UNO resolutions: Ch Shujat Hussain, Parvez Elahi, Moonis Elahi

Kashmiris’ great sacrifices for right of self-determination will not go waste, PML will always support them, messages on Kashmir Solidarity Day

Lahore: 05-02-2018: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President and former Prime Minister Ch Shujat Hussain, senior central leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Ch Parvez Elahi and Moonis Elahi expressing complete solidarity with Kashmiri people on behalf of the PML have said that the best solution of Kashmir issue is implementation of UNO resolutions, to secure established right of self-determination great sacrifices which the Kashmiris have offered will not go waste, for fulfillment of the agenda for partition of the sub-continent the Pakistan Muslim League will always support them.

On their messages on the Kashmir Solidarity Day the PML leaders have further said that the Kashmiri people are awaiting implementation of the Indian promises made on the UNO but instead of giving them the right of self-determination Indian forces in occupied Kashmir are resorting to every tactic of oppression and suppression, basic fundamental rights are flagrantly being violated, women, children and elders are also being subjection to all sorts of suppression to silence the voice of people of Kashmir but they will not rest till securing freedom from Indian shackles.

They said that not only for durable bilateral relations between India and Pakistan but peace in the region also hinges on peaceful and justifiable solution of this lingering dispute as such the international community should pressurize India for implementation of the UN resolutions.

They said that all democratic and peace loving people should raise voice should for saving the people of occupied Kashmir from suppression and atrocities and forcefully demand for immediate withdrawal of Indian forces from there so that real and permanent peace is established in the region and both the countries should utilize maximum sources on the progress and prosperity of their poor people. #

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