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The credit for Pakistan’s highest infant mortality rate in the World goes to Na Ahal League

UNICEF report reveals rulers’ criminal neglect of people’s health & their right to live

PML achieved record 37.79% decrease in infant mortality rate in Punjab by 2007

Moonis Elahi, Senior Leader, Pakistan Muslim League

Lahore (February 21, 2018) Given Na Ahal League’s criminal neglect of the country’s health care needs and deployment of vital health funds to exhibitionist & wasteful projects, UNICEF report declaring Pakistan’s infant mortality rate as highest in world, even worse than Africa comes as no surprise. The UNICEF IMR report goes to show how the ruling corrupt mafia has looted the country’s wealth & ignored to protect the health & life of the country’s future generations. The burden of exponential deaths of Pakistani infants lies entirely on worst PML-N health care policies since 1947. The PML sound health care policies in Punjab resulted in a record 37.79% decrease in infant mortality rate by 2007. The Pakistan Muslim League senior leader, Moonis Elahi made these remarks at a meeting with a group of his party’s social activists in Lahore today. He said that the existing deplorable public health conditions in Pakistan & Punjab in particular reflected PML-N’s clear lack of intent, commitment & direction. He said that the present health care system provided a highly inadequate coverage to the masses, hospitals lacked medicines & vital medical staff & the poor state of the country’s health facilities were compounded by lack of clean drinking water for 95% Pakistanis. Dubbing the PML-N health policies at the centre & in Punjab as infanticide, Moonis Elahi strongly condemned the rising incidence of mothers giving child births outside hospital gates and on hospital floors due to lack of proper medical facilities & a crumbling health infrastructure. #

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