Conspiracy of Nawaz Sharif to defame Pak army and declare Qadianis as Muslim is before all: Moonis Elahi

Sharif family corruption has come to the fore, cardiology hospital also to be established in Gujrat where treatment will be free

Address big gathering at Kot Moj Din after N-Leaguers join PML

Lahore / Gujrat (July 03, 2018) Pakistan Muslim League (PML) central leader Moonis Elahi has said that conspiracy of Nawaz Sharif to defame Pak army and declare Qadianis as Muslims is before everyone, a lobby headed by Nawaz Sharif is there which tried to change historic decision of the parliament against the Qadianis.

He said this while addressing a big gathering at Kot Moj Din on the occasion of Ch Safdar Mumtaz Sindhu and his colleagues parting ways with N-League and joining Pakistan Muslim League today (Tuesday).

Moonis Elahi said that Sharif family was claiming for last thirty years that someone should prove we have committed even a single pie corruption now even every child knows Sharif family is thief and corrupt.

He said brushing aside all difference of the past we have to secure victory for Pakistan Muslim League. 

He further said that entire budget of Punjab including Gujrat has been dumped in Lahore on failed schemes and projects so that billions of rupees commission in big projects is swallowed, Nawaz Sharif in collaboration with foreign forces is trying to defame Pak army in the whole world and he is not less than a security risk for Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan Muslim League along is your real representative and party of the Quaid-i-Azam.

He said whatever works were undertaken in Gujrat and Punjab on the whole were done during our tenure after that no mega project has been completed in Gujrat till now, we got constructed cardiology hospital in Wazirabad, if now with blessings of Almighty Allah and support of the people we got another opportunity then Insha-Allah cardiology hospital will also be established in Gujrat where treatment will be free so that you people do not have to go to Lahore for treatment.

On this occasion former provincial minister Mian Imran Masood, Ch Ejaz of Shahdola Town, Ch Zahur Sahi, Chairman Ch Ghulam Rasool Shariq, Chairman Ch Parvez Bashir, Ch Tariq Daraji, Chairman Ch Saifullah Sahi, Chairman Ch Muhammad Afzal, Ch Waris Sindhu, Ch Nauman Akbar Warraich, Chairman Ch Nisar Ahmad, Chairman Ch Amjad Iqbal Butt and other leaders were also present. #