Punjab Assembly felicitate Armed Forces of Pakistan and entire nation on successful action against Indian aircrafts

Resolution was approved by suspending all rules in the session presided over by Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi, world community appealed to take action against India

Lahore: 27-02-2019: A resolution was presented by suspending all rules in the Punjab Assembly session presided over by Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi regarding successful response by the Armed Forces in the recent Indian aggression here today (Wednesday) which was unanimously approved.

The resolution was presented by Provincial Law Minister Muhammad Basharat Raja, Minister for Housing Mian Mahmdul Rashid and former Speaker Rana Mohammad Iqbal Khan.

Resolution states that this House felicitates the Armed Forces of Pakistan and the entire Pakistani nation over successful action in response to yesterday’s intrusion by Indian aircrafts into Pakistani space by drowning two Indian aircrafts and arresting the pilots, by taking this action on Indian aircrafts violation of Pakistani air space Pak Army Shaheens have raised the heads of entire in pride.

This House is of the opinion that Pakistan has always been desirous of peace but Indian political and military leadership suffering from war hysteria have forced to take this action in our defense, on this successful befitting response India should better come into its senses and should better understand that basic difference between the armies of two countries is that the enemy’s army is afraid of death whereas our armed forces are full of spirit of martyrdom and ready all the time for embracing death for the motherland.

This House appeals to the world community through the federal government to take appropriate action against the Indian Government for staking the peace of the world for winning the next elections. #