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Pledge to make united efforts for revival of economy, national solidarity and security: Ch Shujat Hussain, Parvez Elahi, Moonis Elahi

On Eid remember the families of martyred of Pak Army, Police and other institutions and the poor also, PML leaders messages

Lahore: 04-06-2019: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President and former Prime Minister Ch Shujat Hussain, Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch Parvez Elahi and MNA Moonis Elahi while felicitating Pakistanis and Muslim Ummah an Eidul Fitr have said that overcoming the challenges faced by the motherland today it is essential that every Pakistani should pledge for making united efforts for revival of national economy, national solidarity and security.

In their messages on auspicious occasion of Eidul Fitr issued here today (Tuesday), they said that that difficult and more difficult times do come in the life of nation but living and sensible nations overcome these through unity, faith and discipline.

They said that special prayers should be offered in Eid congregations for security, progress of Islamic Republic of Pakistan which came into existence in holy month of fasting Ramzanul Mubarak due to struggle, prayers and great sacrifices of our elders and overcoming economic crisis, lawlessness, poverty and other problems and difficulties, we should also bow today and earnestly pray that Almighty Allah may bless us with determination and courage to make this country such an Islamic welfare State which should be an example not only for all Islamic countries but also the entire world.

Paying glowing tributes to the martyred sand injured of the Pakistan Movement and afterwards of Pak Army, Police and other security forces who offered sacrifices of their lives for security of Pakistan and its people, they said that every Pakistani is obliged to them because this country had come into existence due to sacrifices of these martyred and today we are celebrating this religious festival in independent and sovereign status, in our prayers we should not forget these benefactors and their families and also involve the poor and destitute in Eid celebrations and happiness.

Muslim Leaguer leaders said that Almighty Allah should invoke spirit of Islamic brotherhood in the hearts of those creating lawlessness and disruption in the society and there may be complete peace in all parts of this God-given motherland of ours, the lesson which Almighty Allah has given us through fasting of Taqwa, patience and full faith and belief in the blessings of Allah should be remembered throughout the year and practice it also. #

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