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Enemy cannot cast dirty eye on Pakistan in presence of Pak Army: Ch Shujat Hussain, Parvez Elahi, Moonis Elahi

September 6 reminds us about sacrifices of martyrs, army and people are on one page, Kashmir will soon become Pakistan Insha-Allah, messages of Defence Day

Lahore: 05-09-2019: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President and former Prime Minister Ch Shujat Hussain, Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch Parvez Elahi and MNA Moonis Elahi have said that in the presence of Pakistan Army no enemy can dare cast dirty eye, September 6 represent importance and great sacrifices of our armed forces in the defence and safeguarding of the motherland.

In their messages on the Defence of Pakistan Day they said that the day reminds us our those martyrs because of whose sacrifices we are breathing in an independent and free atmosphere today, we are thankful to Almighty Allah that the defence of Pakistan is in the strong hands, we salute sacrifices, courage and chivalry of Pak Army, enemies of Pakistan should not be in any wrong thinking, entire nation and armed forces are on one page, today every Pakistani is standing with Kashmiris, India should stop its atrocities and brutalities on Kashmiris, it will have to give right of self-determination to Kashmiris in accordance with the UN resolutions and slogan “Kashmi Baney Ga Pakistan” is soon going to become a reality.

Reminding the nation of lesson of Unity, Faith and Discipline, the PML leaders said that Insha-Allah the entire nation is standing like a solid rock in the defence of Pakistan, today we pray to Almighty Allah to continue showering His blessings on those who offered sacrifice of their life and property for the creation and defence of Pakistan and also keep Pakistan and Pakistani nation live longer forever, there is peace and prosperity everywhere in the country and we attain high place among the comity of nations. #

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