Environment in Pakistan be included in new syllabus as compulsory subject: Moonis Elahi

By imparting education and practical training today about climate change and how to combat it we will be able to safeguard our tomorrow

Lahore (November 11, 2019) Pakistan Muslim League (PML) senior leader and MNA Moonis Elahi has said that Environment be made compulsory subject in the academic syllabus, by imparting education and practical training to students at every level in the new national academic syllabus today about climate change and its effects we will be able to safeguard our tomorrow, new generation be provided in environment like being imparted in compulsory subjects of Urdu, English, Science and other compulsory subjects.

These views were expressed by Moonis Elahi after receiving detailed briefing by Team Leader Rizwan Mumtaz Ali about Eco-Friends Pakistan Environment Friendly and Awareness Campaign.

Moonis Elahi said that Pakistan Muslim League is the only political party of Pakistan which has not only taken important practical measures but also policy making for improvement of climate in Pakistan and safety from climate change, this fact is not only acknowledged by the people of Pakistan but also the international institutions.

He highly appreciated Eco-Friends Gujranwala for its ideal environment friendly and awareness campaign in educational institutions of its own city and congratulated the team over it.

Briefing was also participated by Ahmad Faran Khan, Syed Shakir Hussain Shah and Shumail Abbas. #