PM Imran Khan himself should go to Karachi, fix problems and time and see whether his orders have been implemented or not: Ch Shujat Hussain

Most people prefer “haath ki safai” over cleanliness of Karachi, if cleanliness cannot be done then filth should also be spread

Lahore: 29-08-2020: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President and former Prime Minister Ch Shujat Hussain while commenting on miserable condition of Karachi has said that many tenures have passed, many people came into power and went but Karachi always became victim of political statement mongering, all major political parties have been in power in Karachi, there was governor’s rule also, mayors and administrators were also posted but regretfully nothing was done except hurling accusation on each other, most got acquitted by leveling accusation against each other, they always cried about rule and powers, dirty and clean water problem is significant among important problems of Karachi, attention was paid to problem of cleanliness but practically importance was given to own cleanliness instead of cleanliness of the city, most people show “haath ki safai” than that of cleanliness of Karachi, here powers mean only money.

Ch Shujat Hussain said till today only this much was said that that such a problem is there in such area, at time problem of cleanliness is raised, at other time of rainy water and other time that of drinking water but no work has been done till today to set it right, whenever calamity comes then it is said that the mayor will work, when mayor is asked he says that he has no powers, whosoever is given the opportunity for cleanliness, they all start putting forth their “sifai”, when things go beyond the limits then the army is requested they should come and do the cleanliness.

He said that my suggestion is that the Prime Minister himself should stay in Karachi for one week and himself monitor every problem of Karachi and issue directions, fix time according to his thinking and go again on that day and see whether his orders have been implemented or not.

Ch Shujat Hussain said that often it is said that Pakistan is still facing other major problems, is only Karachi problem is left and it is brushed away, every year Karachi sinks but statements only come that so and so has sunk Karachi. He said that problem of Karachi is not that of powers but of forming policy about administrative matters, for this people who are in power should not only give statements rather than putting blame on someone else, all stakeholders wishes should be included and all people should put forth their own proposals so that whatever problem is there in Karachi it should immediately be solved. He said that that spreading filth should also be taken to task, if cannot do cleanliness then they should also not spread filth.

Ch Shujat Hussain said that the example of Prime Minister of Argentine is before everyone that she used to do cleanliness in streets by putting on clothes meat for cleanliness whereas she could also say that this is not my work. He said that where when nothing is done then the Prime Minister is proposed to task the army with this cleanliness work. #