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Farmer is 88 per cent important segment of the country, facilitating them is in benefit of whole country: Ch Parvez Elahi

During my tenure farmers with less than twelve and half acres were exempted from tax which benefited 88 per cent segment, farmers were provided interest-free loans, fixed flat rate of abiana, water theft ended for the first time

During meeting with Speaker Asad Qaiser constituted Special Committee on Agriculture, comprehensive planning should be done for wheat storage, department should submit proposals for the committee in one week

Lahore: 18-09-2020: Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch Parvez Elahi has said that farmer is 88 per cent important segment of the country, facilitating them is in benefit of whole country, during our tenure as the Chief Minister farmers with less than twelve and half acres were exempted from tax which benefited 88 percent segment, fixed flat for abiana, for the first time water theft ended, not only punishment for water theft was increased but also telemetric system was promoted and laser levelers were provided to every Union Council so that water usage is reduced and production is increased, barrages were constructed in different areas besides restoration and repairs of Taunsa Barrage, lining of canals was undertaken, 450 kilometers concrete water courses were made so that water reaches up to tail.

He said this while addressing the first meeting of Punjab Assembly’s Special Committee on Agriculture here today (Friday). The meeting was attended by MPAs belonging to all parties including Malik Nadeem Kamran, Malik Mohammad Ahmad Khan, Sajid Khan Bhatti, Ahmad Ali Aulakh, Syed Usman Mehmood, Mian Shafi Mohammad, Mian Manazir Ranjha, Raja Yawar Kamal, Nawabzada Waseem Khan, Miss Sonia besides Secretary Agriculture Dr Wasif Khurshid, Secretary Punjab Assembly Mohammad Khan Bhatti and DG Parliamentary Affairs Inayatullah Lak.

Ch Parvez Elahi said that Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser during the assembly session on March 16, 2019 on a motion formed the Special Committee on Agriculture which held numerous meetings, he formed a sub-committee of it and also signed an agreement with the agriculture universities of the country including Faisalabad Agriculture University which help the committee on different matters.

Following matters came under discussion during the Committee meeting: framing of comprehensive policy about agriculture, stopping exploitation of farmers, approaches to new markets, detailed consultation with all stakeholders about preparation of standard seed, framing of appropriate agriculture policy and submitting proposals for making small farmers, to look into reasons for non-popularity of most of Punjab crops in the international market, how to improve research work, measures for provision of quality seed to the farmers, due to shortage of water, motivating the farmers towards crops consuming less water, submitting proposals for adopting world modern farming methods in Punjab, submitting proposals for adopting policy of developed countries on agriculture in Punjab, submitting of proposals for establishing agro industry on modern lines, research work in Punjab for producing quality seed through agricultural technology and measures for its improvement, adopting measures for providing information to the farmers for increasing production, enhancing income and methods to save crops from losses and insurance, need for adopting comprehensive policy regarding concreting canals system and water courses and lining, interest free loans to the farmers, access to the new markets. Construction of roads, measures for providing agriculture medicines and inputs and maximum subsidy, taking measures for introducing the government departments working on promoting modern research to the farmers, reasons for lesser cotton production in the provinces should be dilated upon as to what essential steps can be taken for improving cotton production, what subsidies are provided in the countries of the region for instance India, Bangladesh, Turkey on agriculture and analyzing that, policy should be formulated for comprehensive action plan for promotion of agribusiness in the province, framing of policy on the pattern of other developed countries for reducing production cost and putting forth proposals for fixing of minimum support price for major crops such as cotton, rice, wheat and sugarcane are included.

MPA Mian Manazir Ali Ranjha said that dams should be constructed in Pothohar region and rain water should be saved from being wasted, following the chief minister tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi flat rate of abiana should be fixed as this will increase revenue.

MPA Mian Shafi Mohammad said that a subsidy of Rs 7.5 billion for the farmers has been stopped that should be released at the earliest.

Ahmad Ali Aulakh said that Pakistan is an agricultural country and special attention should be paid on it. MPA Sajid Khan Bhatti said that other institutions about food, livestock and agriculture should give a briefing so that we can have awareness about their problems. MPA Malik Nadeem Kamran said there is a dearth of research here attention should be paid to. MPA Usman Mehmood said that prior to solving agricultural problems the department should pinpoint those so that better policies are formulated.

Afterwards the Speaker directed Secretary Agriculture Dr Wasif Khurshid that a briefing on problems related to agriculture should be prepared in one week. #

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