Joke played with farmers by increasing support price of wheat by Rs 200 only, minimum price should be fixed at Rs 2000 per maund: Ch Parvez Elahi

80 % farmers are currently facing great economic difficulties, if no relief is provided to farmers they will be forced to cultivate other crop instead of wheat

This can create great crisis of wheat shortage in the country, for providing relief to the farmer prices of fertilizer, petrol, diesel and medicines be reduced so that farmers cultivate wheat

Lahore: 27-10-2020: Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch Parvez Elahi has said that by increasing support price per maund of wheat by Rs 200 joke has been played with the farmers, per maund wheat be fixed minimum at Rs 2000, wheat is being sold in the market at Rs 2400 per maund, if Punjab wants to be self-sufficient in wheat like our tenure then it has to take care of the farmers otherwise it will have negative impact and the farmer will be forced to cultivate some other crop, if supporting price do not fully meet expenses of wheat sowing then what will the saving of the farmer, what he will eat and sow what, elf presiding Punjab Assembly Special Agriculture Committee but there is also disappointment.

Ch Parvez Elahi said that this price of wheat will not be acceptable to the farmers in any case, 80 per cent is such segment which feeds the country with food-grains but currently this segment is facing grave economic crisis, wheat is the need of the poor as such the farmers should get good price for wheat, .

He said that Rs 1600 per maund supporting price of wheat do not meet the expenses, if no relief is provided to the farmers then next year there can be grave crisis of wheat shortage, presently farmer is thinking about to cultivate some other crop instead of wheat to solve economic difficulties, because of day by day increasing prices of fertilizer, petrol, diesel and medicines it is not possible to cultivate wheat, farmers are not getting relief if this situation prevails the farmers will start cultivating fodder and vegetables. He said importing costly wheat from abroad amounts to hitting the stomach of the farmer. #