Government should also pay attention not only statement to increasing poverty, price hike, weak economy: Moonis Elahi

Due to IMF conditions, faulty economic measures and heavy debt burden 40 % Pakistanis are below poverty line

Lahore (29-10-2020) Pakistan Muslim League (PML) senior leader and MNA Moonis Elahi has expressed concern over increasing poverty, price hike and weak economy in the country.

In a statement issued here today (Thursday), he said it is matter of great regrets that today 40 per cent Pakistanis are forced to lead their lives below poverty line and are deprived of even basic necessities of life.

He said that basic reasons for this situation include IMF conditions, faulty economic measures, wrong priorities of the government and heavy debt burden among others.

He said that the government should also pay attention and not only statement to save the economy, reducing poverty and eliminating price hike so that these problems are solved, economy improves and common man should tread on the path of prosperity instead of poverty, increasing debts are reduced in the country and the price hike which is increasing day by day is controlled. #