Punjab Assembly fixes wheat supporting price at Rs 2000 per maund

After 18th Amendment provinces are empowered to fix crops supporting price, implement it in two weeks and submit report in the assembly, Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi’s directions to Agriculture Department and other responsible

Agricultural Committee recommendations were presented in the Provincial Assembly which the House unanimously approved

Lahore: 09-11-2020: Punjab Assembly keeping in view economic problems of the farmers has fixed the supporting price of wheat crop at Rs 2000 per maund.

In the session presided over by Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi, the assembly unanimously approved the recommendations of the Agricultural Committee. On this occasion, the Speaker ordered the Agriculture Department and other concerned departments to implement the wheat supporting price at Rs 2000 per maund in two weeks and the report be presented in the Provincial Assembly.

On September 2, 2020 during the session MPA Mr Safdar Shakir had moved a motion that the House should deliberate on matters such as increase in agricultural crops for instance wheat, rice, maize, gram and other fruits and vegetables, fixing appropriate rates, safeguarding the farmers, access to new markets, preparation of quality seeds, construction of roads out of sugar cess, promotion of research about agriculture, use of biotechnology, stopping exploitation of farmers and use of new technology for use of new technology.

The House had approved this motion and for deliberations on these issues an Agricultural Committee constituted headed by Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi. Second meeting of this committee was held in the Provincial Assembly here today (Monday) under president-ship of Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi in which recommendations were presented that our 70 per cent population is dependent on agriculture, our farmer is already hard pressed, prosperity of Pakistan is linked with prosperity of farmer, after the 18th Amendment the provinces are empowered to fix the supporting price of crops as such wheat supporting price be fixed at Rs 2000 per maund.

Afterwards, these recommendations were presented in the House by MPA Mian Shafi Mohammad on which Speaker Punjab Assembly got voting done on which all MPAs stood up and unanimously approved these recommendations. #