For permanent arrangement of remedy of dangers confronting world peace publicity of blasphemy of Holy Prophet be banned, resolution approved in Punjab Assembly

Heart breaking of 1.5 billion Muslims cannot be given name of freedom of expression, House of Punjab Assembly welcome observance of Rehmatul Aalemeen () week by Federal and Punjab Governments

In the session presided over by Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi, condemnation resolution against publicity of blasphemous sketches in France and controversial statement by the French President approved unanimously

Support price of rice crop be fixed at Rs 2300 per maund, resolution unanimously approved in the Punjab Assembly

Lahore: 10-11-2020: Punjab Assembly has approved condemnation resolution against publicity of blasphemous sketches in France and controversial statement by the French President unanimously here today (Tuesday).

Prior to presenting the resolution, Law Minister Mohammad Basharat Raja, opposition leader Hamza Shehbaz Sharif and MPAs Khadeeja Omar, Syed Hassan Murtaza and Mohammad Moavia Azam sought permission of Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi for suspending relevant Rules of Procedure Provincial Assembly 1997 and other regulations for presenting the resolution, on which the Speaker conducted voting and motion for suspension of relevant regulations approved unanimously.

Afterwards presenting the resolution Law Minister Mohammad Basharat Raja said that this House of the Punjab Assembly in strong words condemn publicity of blasphemy sketches in France and controversial statement of the French President, such incidents not only hurt sentiments of more than 1.5 billion Muslims throughout the world but also world peace, brotherhood and inter-faith harmony also face grave dangers, this house is of the opinion that wrong interpretation of freedom of expression is done, hurting sentiments of 1. 5 Muslims of the world cannot be given the name of freedom of expression, Canadian Prime Minister has also acknowledged that freedom of expression cannot take place without limits and restrictions and through it hearts of different communities should not be hurt, US historian Dr Michael Hart in his book published in 1979 had not only given first number in 100 Impressive Personalities of History to Khatam-un-Nabiyeen Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) but also defended it, this House is also of the opinion that entire community cannot be held responsible for an act of any individual like the act of the person who martyred 51 Muslims in the mosque of New Zealand cannot be linked with Christianity or Jew religion. Like this individual act of any person should not be allowed to link with religion of Islam, this House demands of the Federal Government that this matter should be raised in UN and every forum and it should be demanded that like ban on publicity of holocaust, publicity of blasphemy of the Holy Prophet should also be banned so that Islamophobia be overcome and threats to the world peace be remedied on permanent basis, this House welcome observance of Rehmatul Lilalameen (ﷺ) Week by the Federal and Punjab Governments and terms it as an important step towards reflecting the sentiments of the Muslims and world peace.

After presentation of the resolution, Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi conducted voting on the resolution which the government and opposition members unanimously approved.

Afterwards MPAs Mian Shafi Mohammad and Malik Nadeem Kamran on securing permission from Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi for suspension of relevant rules and regulations presented a resolution for increasing the rate of Rice crop. Presenting the resolution Mian Shafi Mohammad said this House is of the opinion because of more Rice crop this year, farmers are getting very less rate for this because of which farmer of Punjab is very much worried, last year the rate was Rs 2300 per maund as such this House demands of the Federal Government that Trading Corporation of Pakistan should arrange for purchase of this crop from the farmers at last year’s rate of Rs 2300 per maund. Afterwards the House also approved this resolution unanimously. #