Prosperous farmer, prosperous Pakistan, our faith and pledge: Moonis Elahi

Alhamdulillah under leadership of Ch Parvez Elahi our party’s efforts for increase in wheat price materialized

Lahore (10-11-2020) Pakistan Muslim League (PML) central leader and MNA Moonis Elahi has said that Alhamdulillah PML’s farmers friendly efforts have materialized and under leadership of Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi Punjab Assembly has approved the resolution for increasing wheat support price from Rs 1600 to Rs 2000 per maund.

Moonis Elahi further said that our party has always worked for prosperity of the farmers because our faith and pledge is prosperous farmer, prosperous Pakistan. He said its clear proof that for the welfare and well-being of the farmers for the first time in the history of Pakistan ideal measures have been taken as a result of which Punjab and farmer became prosperous because cheap electricity, water till tail, exemption of maaliya, cheaper loan and fetilizers were provided. #