Our party will fully participate in evolving strategy for solution of problems of unemployed and salaried segment irrespective of political loss: Ch Shujat Hussain

Whenever army came into power it took measures strictly within a week for well-being and welfare of the people without carry caring for anyone, giving and taking bribe alone is not corruption, hoarding and increasing prices at will is also corruption, business community while sitting just increases the price of an item from 100 to 200 due to which only salaried segment suffers

If government indulges in labyrinth deviating from real path then it is feared “lava” which is boiling up inside the poor man will not hit the rulers but also all politicians

Lahore: 08-01-2021: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President and former Prime Minister Ch Shujat Hussain has said that if any party formulates strategy for betterment of unemployment and salaried segment and solution of their problems then Pakistan Muslim League will fully participate in it and extend every cooperation irrespective of if we suffer political loss in it, the government should postpone all projects for one year, develop one year short term plan for elimination of poverty in which people of all schools of thoughts, brushing aside mutual differences and politicians forgetting their respective politics, be together for removing pain of the people, I hope Insha-Allah it will surely be successful.

In a statement issued here today (Friday), Ch Shujat Hussain said that corruption is not the name of just taking and giving bribe but hoarding and increasing prices of essential articles at will is also a kind of corruption, everyone concentrate on corruption of the personalities but nobody bothers about those committing corruption technically.

He said that the businessmen segment determines its profit itself and just sitting increases the price of an item from Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 for which only and only the salaried segment suffers because it cannot itself increase its own salary, in such case to whom he should take his appeal.

He said that the only the governments caring for the people live in the hearts, Tehrik-e-Insaaf government should take it as a challenge to end difficulties of the people in next two and half years and brushing aside all political and political exigencies concentrate only and only on removing the real problems of the people, if the government deviates from the real path and falls into labyrinth then it is feared that lava which is boiling up inside the poor man will hit not only the rulers but also all politicians.

Ch Shujat Hussain said that whenever the army came into power, within a week brushing aside all other works took measures for welfare and well-being of the people.

 He further said that strategy should be evolved against undue profiteers and hoarders committing dacoity on the pockets of common and salaried segment otherwise all politicians may have to face strict resistance and humiliation, the country will plunge in such adversity, getting out of which will be difficult. #