Government should now do work, lot of time has elapsed, under Constitution if cabinet is answerable to House why not bureaucracy: Ch Parvez Elahi

Privileges Bill 2021 again passed unanimously with big majority, PTI, PML, N-League and PPP MPAs fully participated

Nobody should be mistaken, Safeguard Privileges Bill has now become law, now no bureaucrat will dare to breach MPAs privileges, everyone is benefitting from Rescue 1122 Service established during our tenure, few bureaucrats caused damage to whole province by stopping this bill also for their ego, Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi address after Privileges Bill again passed on being returned by the Governor Punjab with objections, MPAs facilitated

Lahore: 03-08-2021: Punjab Assembly session was held under chairmanship of Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch Parvez Elahi here today (Tuesday).

During the session, Assembly approved again with huge majority the Privileges Bill 2021 returned by the Governor with objections. In the approval of the bill, MPAs of all parties including Tehrik-e-Insaaf, Pakistan Muslim League, N-League, Pakistan People’s Party fully participated. Through this amendment law, one schedule was added in the original law of 1972. Journalists’ community had some reservations on this amendment law on which the Speaker had removed those clauses from the amended law and accepting all demands of the journalists’ notification was also issued in this regard. However, when this bill was again sent for approval of the Governor Punjab the bill was returned with objections expressing reservations on this bill.

This bill was again presented by MPA Sajid Ahmad Khan Bhatti with the approval of the Speaker which after necessary proceedings the assembly again passed with huge majority.

Speaker Punjab Assembly facilitated the MPAs and people of the province on again approval of the Privileges Bill. Addressing the House, Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi said that the government should now show work done, lot of time has elapsed, under the Constitution the cabinet is answerable to the House why not the bureaucracy, nobody should remain mistaken Safeguarding Privileges Bill has now become the law, now no bureaucrat would dare to breach privilege of MPAs.

Ch Parvez Elahi said that everyone is benefitting from Rescue 1122 Services established during our tenure; few bureaucrats for their ego sake also stopped this bill and caused harm to the entire province. He said that the assembly has now passed law of this department and given it status of an autonomous institution. The Speaker said that after passage of the Privileges Bill again after objections raised by the Governor it is not required to be sent to the Governor now. , Assembly will itself get its notification issued. He said by approving the Privileges Bill you have done such a work which future generations will remember, all Members of the Assembly deserve to be facilitated, on which all MPAs thumped their desks to welcome this measure of the Speaker.

Ch Parvez Elahi said that under the Constitution entire cabinet is answerable to the House then why not the bureaucracy? He said that the government should set its governance right; the government should do its work and let the parliament do its work. Ch Parvez Elahi asked the MPAs that you are protectors of the rights of the people and the assembly is the protector of your rights.

He said that in Gujranwala police entered the house of an MPA without any justification while his mother was sick but still the police committed uproar in his house. The Speaker said that prior to amending the Privileges Bill I also contacted Senate Chairman and Speaker National Assembly regarding misbehavior of the bureaucracy with the MPAs. He said that the bureaucrats keep running on the orders of National Assembly Privileges Committee, they do not keep such attitude with any MNA like the one is maintained with the MPAs.

Ch Parvez Elahi said that with the approval of the Privileges Bill the bureaucrats will not realize the power of the assembly, now no bureaucrat will dare to breach privilege of the MPAs. He said that now Chairman of Privilege Committee is also complaining breach of his privilege at the hands of bureaucrats. Addressing the treasury benchers, the Speaker said that now the government should show to the MPAs by delivering. He said that the Punjab Assembly has made its laws in the light of the Constitution of Pakistan through an act.

During the session, MPAs Hassan Murtaza, Samiullah Khan and other members paid tributes to Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi on his special efforts in the passage of the Privileges Bill. The Speaker adjourned the House till Friday August 6. #