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CM Chaudhry Parvez Elahi and Rasikh Elahi meet Imran Khan

LAHORE, Jan 9:

Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi and Rasikh Elahi met chairman PTI Imran Khan at Zaman Park and discussed issues of mutual interest, political situation and measures to provide relief to the people of Punjab. Imran Khan discussed the issues candidly and the situation of flour in particular. The CM mentioned that the government wheat quota has been doubled to improve the supply of flour in Punjab.

The strategy of the vote of confidence in the Punjab Assembly and the session of the Punjab Assembly was also discussed and Imran Khan noted that the 13-party government cabal destroyed the economy within a few months while prices were skyrocketing. The claimants to manage the economy, today, have fallen at the feet of others. They are not ashamed to go to Geneva along with a large group of cronies to beg; he added and remarked that if the economy is not managed today, it will harm the State tomorrow. The power-hungry rulers have caused inflation. The direction of the Punjab government is positively moving forward, he added.

The CM regretted that the senseless cabal imposed on the country has made the life of the poor miserable. Instead of paying attention to the problems of the people, this gang is trying to clear themselves through NRO. Imran Khan is our leader and we will stand with him in every decision. Our alliance is stronger than before. He said that Imran Khan has reduced the politics of the opposition to zero. The government coalition has become a group of beggars and all of them are begging together. International financial institutions have lost faith in the government; the CM said and added that the focus of every initiative is the welfare of the common man. All possible measures are being taken to provide relief to the people.

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